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Click here for info on Historic Route 66

On April 1, 2007, after dipping my rear wheel in the Pacific Ocean, I departed from Santa Monica, CA, where Route 66 ended at the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd & Ocean Ave and headed east.  I arrived at the Case Western Reserve University campus in Cleveland, OH some 2700 miles and two months later, a week before the reunion, which was held on June 8th.  I spent 47 days on the bike and took 8 days off for R&R, dipping my front wheel in Lake Erie at the E. 72nd St. Pier on June 2nd. 

This two lane road was the main artery linking the mid-west to the west coast for decades before the interstate highway system was constructed in the 1960's.  It spanned more than 2000 miles from Chicago to LA cutting across eight different states.  Much of the original road still exists today, thanks to the associations and organizations dedicated to its preservation. One of these organizations is the National Historic Route 66 Federation which is dedicated to "promoting and preserving The Main Street of America". 
You can access their website using the link below.

click here for National Historic Rte 66 Federation

The Route